3. Working on a Collage

About a year ago, I started thinking of an on-going project that I could do when school gets on my nerves. while other people were making sculptures (I suck, i really do. I’m not THAT creative), I remembered how much I am glued to my computer. Sadly, that was becoming a problem. So i decided to change it up a bit and make it out to be like i was “working on art”.

And ta-dah! Photoshop was born into my computer’s external drive.

So, i decided that since i like collages so much, i wanted to make one too. The subject of my collage came to me over a discussion with a friend who accused me that I couldn’t think of anything romantic due to my lack of… well… caring. To prove her wrong, I decided to create up different drawings that would reflect the most romantic thing between a couple: a kiss.

Yes. That’s right. Am i wrong? Probably. But that’s ok! You don’t have to agree with me. But i’ve gotten a few responses that my drawings remind them of a childhood experience or something they’d like to do with their significant others. THAT’S what my art is about. I just want to hear people’s thoughts… their feelings… it’s like… hm… how can i explain…

Okay. It’s like I’m creating a made up story, and in turn of letting someone read my “book”, I get to hear one in return. Beautiful, i know. It’s the inner writer inside. Haha. Just kidds. Maybe.

Without further stalling… here i present my “Work In Progress“: The Kiss Collage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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