The Stand-Still Blues?

Do you ever have those days where everything and everyone around you seems to still be moving, but you’re at a stand-still?


I call this the “stand-still blues”. You feel so out of sorts, and like nothing will fix how you feel. It’s pretty bogus if you ask me. It’s unfair to feel this way when you contemplate WHAT lead to this feeling, but can’t come up with any. Huh.

Jesus. I am having one of those days, my friend. And let me add that it blows chunks.

I don’t feel productive whatsoever. I’m constantly feeling so closed off and that anything people say sounds a lot like that teacher from the Charlie Brown movies. That whole, “Womp, womp, womp…” is all I’m hearing, but am not fortunate enough to understand what exactly is being said.


So now I’m sitting here, at my desk at work, and pondering how to change this when we have those days. What could possibly be beneficial to giving a small nudge in the uplifting direction? I’d say sleep is required, but what if you already HAD a good night’s sleep?

Ya get me?

Do any of YOU have any remedies to curing the “Stand-Still Blues”?


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