Getting Back Into It… Whatever That May Be.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get back into what you love doing most… or something new that you tried and really really really wanted to keep up with. Though the phrase “Don’t feel bad” would be most comforting, it never seems that way. Not when it comes to the slight disappointment in yourself for wanting to have accomplished something without giving up on it.

take this blog for example. I had told myself that i was going to blog at LEAST once a week. And I just saw that my last post was from October! Sigh… but yet, here i am again. This time i’m determined to keep my small goal. Whether it be something silly or serious or whatever, i’m going to post. That way… when i get used to the habit of posting, hopefully, my posts will get a lot better as time goes on. Then i can celebrate like Monica is doing with those snazzy dance moves of hers.

But i’m not that coordinated…

So, fellow readers and bloggers, catch you on the next post, and don’t forget… take small steps into getting back to what you want, or love, to do. Whatever that may be.

It's a new year... new amount of time to do what you want... for you.
It’s a new year… new amount of time to do what you want… for you.

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