1. I’m a Wattpad Writer

I don’t want to burn myself out on the first day of blogging, but I thought about how I’m going to blog and every time I do, i think I’ll write a little fun post about myself. Boy, does that sound conceited!

I figure that to get myself out there, and separate from my introvert self, blogging is the best way for me to be social. Therefore, this will have to do for now. 🙂


I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Wattpad; the hit writing network in the world right now. I stumbled upon it a few years ago when I wanted to get back into writing. I love to write, i learned, because I wrote a story halfway through when I was around twelve, but kept it put away. Once on the site, I decided to pull out that story from the shoebox i kept it in and rewrote it before it was uploaded.

Like any amateur writer, I was hoping for some feedback or a few votes, but received none. unlike on here, I was feeling a little bummed that my story wasn’t getting attention. It was competing with a whole bunch of other stories that (i read and were quite interesting to read!) i didn’t have a chance with. But then one year later, after i’ve completed my novel, all of a sudden I’m getting my inbox overfilled with comments about how i ended the story, and others commented on the story itself, some were quite devastated!

It was then that I began to ponder how long they had been reading my story, and how many others who didn’t comment were still reading it. It was exciting to say the least, but then began my journey of continuing to write. What was supposed to be only ONE book has now turned into four, possibly five.


My story, Barriers of Commitment (book1 in the BOC Series), was officially published on Septemeber 26, 2014. It was so exciting to hear the responses about my book on wattpad. For now, no one’s bought the print copy, but like i did for Wattpad, I will have to wait patiently for those readers to stumble upon my baby and take a chance at reading it.


It feels incredible to admit that I’m a writer, and now a published author. And i guess dreams really do come true if you work hard enough.

What’s something that you worked hard for?




Oh lawdy! 

I just got a few responses to my first blog post and I’m flying right now. Thanks to those who made my day! I wish this was like Twitter or Facebook and I could use the “@” to mention your names in here! Perhaps I will be able to figure out how to do that for future posts!

How amazing are people on here?! They are so friendly. Thanks so much!

Blogger Newbie

Check out the Newbie

Being a first time blogger is a lot of pressure. 

I know it might not be true, but i think it is. It is the moment that decides whether the person is committed enough to continue their blog. Sometimes they get discouraged due to the lack of followers or whatever.

Blogging is just like writing a novel.

Sometimes… it’s going to take a while before people start reading what you have to say. Maybe it won’t be their cup of tea and they move on. That is their right. Eventually… you’ll find the right audience who to follow you, but you can’t be discouraged the first few weeks. I’m sure that all those famous YouTube bloggers didn’t have viewers right away (or if they did then they are awesome opossums).

I think this was more of a blog for myself. My own words being used to give advice to those who want to blog, but are afraid of what is to come—or not to come. But it’s quite therapeutic.

So here’s my first blog, readers, how’d I do?